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Expenditures of the Fund

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Transfer to the Budget of Ministry of Agriculture 5,0 1 2 50,0%
Restitution compensations 3,6 1 2 421,2%
Administration of the Fund 9,5 2 4 8,2%
Other Expenditures 0,2 0 0 -77,3%
Total Expenditures 19,3 4 8 -5,6%
Balance of the Fund 6,2 1 3 49,1%

Table description

Slovak Land Fund (SPF) administers agricultural estate owned by the state and shares in the common property owned by the state. It also administers land whose owner is unknown - except the land that belongs to the Forest fund. The Fund manages about a quarter of agricultural land in Slovakia. Fund management is the most significant item of expenditure. Responsible for management of the Fund is its CEO and his deputy, the two are appointed by the government.