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Expenditures of the Fund

EUR mil. Per capita Per working person Annual change
Subsidies for audiovisual culture and industry 4,6 1 2 n.a.
Administration of the Fund 0,3 0 0 n.a.
Total Expenditures 5,0 1 2 n.a.
Balance of the Fund 2,4 0 1 n.a.

Table description

Audiovisual Fund (AVF) is a fund dedicated to the promotion and development of audiovisual culture and industries. The Fund provides funding to the authors and producers of Slovak audiovisual works, to restore and develop the technology basis for the production and distribution of audiovisual works, to conduct public cultural events in audiovisual culture. State budget annually provides at least 100% of the compulsory contributions of the broadcasting companies and companies screening or distributing the audiovisual works.