About project

How much do we really pay for state-provided public services? How much does the state take in per year in taxes? How high is the national debt? What is the social insurance budget?

This information is scattered across ministry websites and hidden in various opaque government documents. It is oftentimes nearly impossible to find essential information regarding public finance without spending hours on the internet.

The Price of the State concentrates detailed data on revenues and expenditures for public administration. With the help of our portal, it's possible to get a comprehensive overview of how much the state takes in and spends and how these quantities are changing over time. Another important goal of the project is to inform the general public of the dimensions of Slovak public finance.

The information sources are official data from materials put out by the individual ministries and the government. We have attempted to put the data into a logical and coherent structure.

In order to visualize the dimensions of individual state expenditures, we use indicators which convert individual items into per-capita or per-working person costs. We go over some of the numbers in more detail, briefly commenting on them under the heading Number of the Day. The Universe of Public Expenditures offers a graphical image of the dimensions of public finance. Those hunting bargains in the public sphere are invited to Buy Your Own State. Would you like to know how much is leftover for you after you pay all your taxes and contributions? How much do you work for yourself, and how much for the state? Click on What Do You Pay?. Information on a waste in public administration monitored in Slovak media can be found in State Waste. 

The Price of the State is intended to serve to everybody who is interested, be it student, journalist, analyst, or citizen who cares about the effective use of public resources. The Price of the State is primary a source of information. At the same time, it is an educational tool for simplification of explanation of financial relationship between citizen and state.

If you find any mistakes on this website, please let us know at info@cenastatu.sk. 

Until March 2010, the project was supported by CEE Trust (www.ceetrust.org)

The Universe of Public Expenditures is supported by Nadácia Tatra banky (www.nadaciatatrabanky.sk/)

English version of The Price of the State was supported by British Embassy Bratislava (http://ukinslovakia.fco.gov.uk/en/)